I Love The Mountains | Round With Orff Arrangement, Motions, and Creating

If you’re looking for a multi-lesson flexible unit that includes a fun round with an Orff arrangement, this is it!

This low-prep resource can be used for

  • classroom learning
  • a spring concert
  • an Earth Day selection
  • subject integration (geography, science, language arts)
  • rewritten BY YOUR STUDENTS for any special event! (see below)

Listen to it on TPT!

What I Love Most About This Resource?

  • Fun, bouncy Orff arrangement
  • Motions/Movements included
  • A round that’s a crowd-pleaser that your kids will LOVE
  • So many creative possibilities with lyrics
  • Differentiated teaching elements with the use of colors, images, and stepwise learning in the resource
  • Teacher helpers with
    • higher-order questions
    • “I Can” statements
    • a pre-filled checklist that can go into your evaluation folder

Re-Write for Any Occasion

For a retirement or teacher leaving!

I love Ms. Johnson,
I love her happy face,
I love her kindness,
I love her loving grace,
I love her caring hands,
helping us every day.
Snuggle-wuggle, Snuggle-wuggle, Snuggle-wuggle, Snuggle-wuggle

Literature Connections

I Love the Mountains book by Haily Meyers and featuring the well-loved campfire song sung as a round.

This book has colorful pictures that children will love to see as the story is sung. Extra verses have been created and relate to nature. Find it on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This book is a little harder to find but it’s a gem with compelling drawings (that bear is so cute) and then connections to US landmarks. Start your search on Amazon.

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