Sing & Move Day Amazing Video Playlist

When I needed to shake it up for myself or my K-5 students, I had “Sing and Move Day.” I alternated sit-down singing videos with get up and move videos. It was a great break from the routine and I found that the kids and I both loved (and needed) it.

Pick and choose the videos that are most appropriate for your students.
Disclaimer: You should preview any video before showing it to your students.

List of Videos (A Growing Playlist)

  • Sing: All of You (Encanto), See You Again (Charlie Puth), Happier (Marshmellow), Don’t Give Up On Me (Andy Grammer), See You Again (Wiz Khalifa), How Far I’ll Go (Moana), Can’t Stop the Feeling (Trolls), Into the Unknown (Frozen), Surface Pressure
  • Move: Waka Waka, Cheerleader, Levitating, Dance Monkey, Ghostbusters, Bruno (Encanto), My Own Drum (Vivo), High Hopes, Happy

If you aren’t sitting in chairs/stools, tap foot on ground or stand up and step in place.

Kids should pedal a pretend personal bicycle at 2:19 where players as a group create the bike.

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