St. Patrick’s Day Special Activities With History, Songs, And Dances

The music, instruments, dance, and culture of Ireland create great learning opportunities in the music classroom. St. Patrick’s Day is a prime time for these resources but also any time you want to talk about folk instruments, dances, and music.

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Rattlin’ Bog Orff Arrangement & Resource

Rattlin’ Bog Performance

Moving to Irish Music

Fun Irish T-Shirts

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Percussion Play Along

A fun percussion play along for older grades. A lesson plan is included in this week’s email to subscribers!


The Broom Dance

  • Set up three chairs and two lines of students (facing into center is best) are lined up from the two outer chairs. There are three students sitting in the chairs and the student in the middle has a shamrock (or valentine or snowflake or whatever)
  • When the music begins, everyone claps the steady beat and the child with the shamrock gives the shamrock to either the person on their right or left. The person who just received the shamrock moves to the middle seat and the two others dance down the lane and join the end of their respective lines.
  • The empty chairs are taken by the student next in line from each of the two rows.
  • Use any fun Irish song!
  • This is a great movement activity for K-2.

Follow the Rainbow

This song by Teresa Jennings is FABULOUS and for the price of the singles kit on Music K8 ($14.95 currently), it is worth it because you can use it any time of the year and you WILL use it every year!

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