Parachute Songs, Games, and Activities In the Music Classroom

Successful parachute songs, games, and activities teach musical and movement concepts, let students explore through creativity and improvisation, and provide a physical activity for fitness, a brain break, and a social-emotional learning (SEL) outlet.

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Here are the links and info for the classroom and partner parachutes that I used in class!

Trepak Partner Parachute Activity

Students are familiar with the piece because of its commercial use. Here’s the teaching process that I used.

  • I taught a class movement version while displaying the basic AABA form. (A=jump, jump, jog in place pattern, B=legato arm swings)
  • Preparing for the partner activity, I highlighted some ideas on my movement wall: locomotor/non-locomotor, levels, complementary movement, etc., and reminded them that they only had to come up with three ideas-A, B, and a coda.
  • Then I gave them the parachute and told them I’d play the piece repeatedly for a few minutes so they could work out their routine. During practice time I’d call out A, B, and coda.
  • Then the big performance with everyone.
  • Then half the room performed while the other half watched, discussion on what they saw, etc., and then switch groups.

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

The viral TikTok song with lots of teaching ideas including a class parachute routine!

Take 5 by Dave Brubeck

Multiple lesson activities including a routine for large or small parachutes for this classic jazz piece in 5/4 time!

Parachute Activities on TPT

How Sweet

Created from text in Winnie-the-Pooh V.1, this song about clouds, rain, and positivity uses a 12-bar blues format, Rock & Roll instrumentation, and includes ukulele chords, prominent dotted half note rhythms, and a melody centering around s-f-m.

There’s a bonus parachute routine included!

Bounce High Bounce Low

Find engaging ways for your students to play BARRED INSTRUMENTS with a NEW easy-to-teach rhyme melody and Orff arrangement, that goes with the CLASSIC song Bounce High Bounce Low. Includes a FUN parachute activity!

Bounce High Bounce Low song with Orff arrangement and new rhyme melody.

More Coming Soon!

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