How-to Guides for Teacher Planners, Curriculum, and More

Finding a great teacher planner is SO hard! Here’s a different approach that puts all of your resources in ONE location. No tabs, bookmarks, or folders but everything in one master document. It works in both Microsoft Word and Google Docs and because it’s digital, it follows you everywhere.

Image describes page resource for teacher planners and curriculum.

Digital Planner for Microsoft Word & Google Doc

Master File Planner Instructions DOWNLOADS

These downloads will make MUCH more sense after watching the above video.

Microsoft Word

Google Docs

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4 thoughts on “How-to Guides for Teacher Planners, Curriculum, and More”

  1. The master file planner is awesome. Have started to set it up but can’t get the Microsoft Word download to work.

    1. Funny, it works just fine on my phone but not on my computer. For everything I need from the video. I love your stuff and am planning on purchasing many of your TPT activities.
      Thank you.

      1. Sounds great! It’s funny that you wrote today because I just saw a TikTok from a Microsoft 365 guru talking about using the Styles tab and headings, sub-headings, etc. What I loved the most was that I put EVERYTHING into that one document, no more searching around trying to find stuff. And when I found an idea online, I just took a screenshot and plopped it into the doc. Glad it’s all working for you!

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