Easy To Use Evaluation Table For Music Teachers

Documenting our effective teaching practices for our evaluations can be daunting. Showing proof with artifacts and documentation gets confusing. This table lets you look up WHAT you’ve taught and then spells out some of the criteria that it checks off.

Determining our professionalism, community involvement, and lesson planning is more straightforward. The below Google Sheet begins to get you thinking about the instruction portion of the evaluation process.

An easy-to-use table that helps teachers determine artifacts and documentation for their evaluations.

Scroll right and left to show headings: Dances, Body Percussion, Creative Movement, Song Repertoire, Unpitched Percussion, and Ukulele.

Copy and paste or copy and edit the ideas in the table for the artifact or self-evaluation part of your documentation.

Thinking about common classroom activities and criteria they exemplify is easier than taking each criteria and finding a classroom activity that fits it.

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2 thoughts on “Easy To Use Evaluation Table For Music Teachers”

  1. This artifacts and evaluation chart looks amazing. How do I download it so I have a copy to edit for myself please?

    1. Susan, I’m not ready to share it yet but hope you can use it in its current form. I set it up in its current form so I could continue to add to it.

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