Easy Ukulele Songs with G7

On this page: a G7 how-to and songs with C/G7
  • C/G7 songs: La Cucaracha, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Hush Little Baby, Iko Iko

A GREAT game for you or to leave for subs!

Blooket Game identifying strings and frets!

Blooket requires no student login. Just click on “Join a Game” and it will take you to the game pin page. Teachers need to create a free account.)

NEW! Blog page with ukulele storage ideas for HANGING, CART, and SHELVING. Also, common hardware and resource needs to get the job done!

Tutorial for G7-The TRIANGLE!

Moving back and forth from G7!

C and G7 Songs

Your next ukulele page: C, F, and G7 Songs

  • Lava, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Surfin’ USA, Johnny B. Goode, This Land Is Your Land

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3 thoughts on “Easy Ukulele Songs with G7”

  1. Thank you so much for all of this – its my first year in elementary and I’m loving the uke curriculum! I can’t get the blooket link at the top to work for me though.

  2. Mary, thank you so much for letting me know about the link!!! I tried it and it said “can’t find page.” I went to Blooket and copied the link again and it was …the same link. smh And it worked for me. Who knows? In an incognito window it took me to a signup page so I’m hoping it will work now for you. Let me know if it’s still not working and I’ll dive deeper! Thanks again!

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