Black History Month Songs & Curriculum

Lift Every Voice for Black History Month curriculum resources.

You will find Black History Month songs to sing, songs for listening, musician and song database that’s appropriate for kids, authentic research articles and information, and decor for your bulletin boards and classroom door.

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Song Info

MLK Resources

Classroom song resources, performance songs, history, and videos appropriate for elementary students.

We Shall Not Be Moved

A deep dive into the history of the song from spiritual to times of protest plus a TPT resource with instrumental arrangements and video links or great performances.

We Will Live In Peace Partner Song

Partners in Spirituals-Again

(paid affiliate link)

Titles include: In That Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’; Great Day; Walk Together, Children; I Got Shoes; Hush! Somebody’s Callin’ My Name; New Name in Glory; Ain’a That Good News; Amen!; This Little Light of Mine; Shine on Me; We Shall Overcome; We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder.

Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing (Black National Anthem)

Celebrate Black History Play Along

Kings Return

Sister Rosa by The Neville Brothers

Documentary About Bessie Jones

What Can One Little Person Do? by Sally Rogers

A composed song about important black leaders and the power of one.

Musician & Song Database-Searchable

Resources include:

  • Songs from Black composers (accessible for children)
  • classic song genres such as spirituals, blues, rap, etc.

There is a multitude of current songs (or within the past 10 years) that could be used as well that I haven’t added to the list. Also, there are SO MANY amazing Black performers who weren’t composers that you can highlight as well.


Carnegie Hall African American Music Timeline

There is SO much to discover in this resource.

  • a physical timeline showing origins and connections for black music genres
  • LOTS of music links on every page that play Apple music snippets, just enough to be perfect for the classroom
  • beautiful images of musicians and historical events on every page

African Drumming & Dance

In this series, dancer Rujeko Dumbutshena and drummer Farai Malianga show you how to dance traditional African dances and drums and their place in African history. This is a YT playlist from the Kennedy Center.

Music History, Is Black History

This resource page by Reverb has lots of information about Black musicians who were innovators and had groundbreaking achievements.

Teaching Idea: Let students choose a musician to research, putting all the research together into a timeline of Black music history.

The final student product could be online or hard-copy.
ONLINE-a Google slide, Flipgrid video presentation
HARD-COPY-poster board, report on 8.5 x 11, info on record-shaped album

Preservation Hall Lesson Plans

What an amazing resource! Just to name a few lesson plans: Learn the song Blue Monday, Bourbon Street Parade, Brass Bandbook, Congo Square, El Manciero, and TONS more.

Namibia Culture-Bearer, Garth Prince

Prince is a musician, vocalist, drummer, and educator who has knowledge of traditional folk songs of Namibia.

Black Stringband Music

This resource, by musician Jake Blount, has some essential and relevant information about Stringband music but other information about Black music and musicians. Mr. Blount has such thoroughly researched information.

A History of We Shall Overcome

A fascinating and thorough search of the evolution of this famous song. After watching, I definitely subscribed to Genie Deez’s channel because he is amazing!

His YT playlist on Culture & History includes great information on Funk, Civil Rights, syncopation, and so much more.

Black Diamond Queens: African American Women and Rock and Roll.

In Black Diamond Queens, Maureen Mahon draws on recordings, press coverage, archival materials, and interviews to document the history of African American women in rock and roll between the 1950s and the 1980s.”

AMAZING video. I highly recommend watching for teachers and upper middle school/high school students.

Paying Royalties

The United Parish in Brookline introduced a unique program to help carry on the legacy of this music in Roxbury, and they’re hoping to be a model for others.

“There was growing discomfort around how to use Negro spirituals, appropriately and respectfully,” said the congregation’s minister of music Susan DeSelms.

Black Music of the African Diaspora

This blog post is from two educators who created a new seminar that looks at American history through Black American music. The greatest thing is that they have shared their playlist on Spotify!

Black History Month Songs for Kids

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