Vivaldi’s Spring With Orff Arrangement, Movement, And More

Are you looking for the classics taught with ACTIVE music-making?

This resource with lots of movement teaches students to play and sing (new Spring lyrics) the main theme to Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto with Orff barred instrument ostinati, AND a recreation of the thunderstorm using instruments.

What I love about this resource!

  • PLAYING this famous theme, not just LISTENING to it
  • The “B section” thunderstorm is SO fun
  • Learning with speech and movement
  • Differentiated with the use of colors, images, and stepwise learning
  • An ARTS Integration activity-draw a picture!
  • Teacher helpers with
    • higher-order questions
      • “I Can” statements
        • pre-filled checklist that can go into your evaluation folder

Winter Wind


Take the classic canon, “Ah Poor Bird”, add new lyrics, and you have the perfect Winter song!   


As I worked with this canon, three questions arose. After much research, I still haven’t found any definitive answers. If you have thoughts on it, please leave a comment!

  1. Should it be written in 2/4 or 4/4?
  2. Should it be a 2-part, 3-part, or 4-part canon?
  3. Should the “C” be natural or sharp?
Instrumental arrangement
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Halloween Minor Madness with Pumpkin Eyes, BOO, and More!

An image of the eyes, nose, and mouth of a backlit Halloween pumpkin.
Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay 

Find Halloween music activities that engage and delight with movement, Orff arrangements, minor scales, improvisation, and more!

Ghost of Tom

The Orff arrangement for this Halloween classic, Have You Seen the Ghost of Tom? (aka Ghost of John) is simple enough to be learned quickly to give plenty of time to learn movement to go with the round that can be sung in 2 or 4 parts.

Image of an Orff arrangement for the song The Ghost of Tom a round in a minor scale.

With its quarter, eighth, and half-note patterns pitched in delightful D minor, kids will love the spooky mood it sets.

The Halloween Canon

Rewriting lyrics can be so rewarding and engaging for our students.

I took The Fruit Canon, arranged by choir teacher Kole Butler (Instagram and TikTok), and changed the fruit to Halloween words. With the little sound effects, I think your kids will LOVE it. 

Group project-Have students get in groups of 6 and pick words that fit a NEW theme then perform their new song in canon. YES!

Fun, collaborative, assessable, and engaging!

Click on the notation image to make a copy.

An image of a song titled Fruit Canon that shows a three part canon for voices.

Miss White Had a Fright

Halloween music activities that use poems are perfect resources for exploring, creating, and improvising. First, experience the poem through beat and rhythm.

An image of a TPT Orff arrangement resource for Miss White Had a Fright.

Then, explore the poem by learning a melody on barred instruments, improvising on recorders, and/or creating a melody using Boomwhackers. Examine what you’ve learned by identifying the rhythms of the poem. In both PowerPoint and Google Slides versions.

On a Cold October Night-VOCAL Exploration Lesson

A lesson plan for a FABULOUS good time exploring the sounds “on a cold October night.”

Skin and Bones

This multi-lesson resource for the classic Halloween song, “There Was An Old Woman All Skin and Bones” will guide you as you take your younger students (PreK, K, 1, 2) from singing to movement to playing instruments. 

An image of an Orff arrangement resource for the Halloween song Skin and Bones for Prek, kindergarten, first, and second grades that teaches about melodic direction.


An image of a TPT Orff arrangement resource for Boo, a Halloween song.

In both PowerPoint and Google Slides versions, this 25-slide presentation includes mp3s of the song arrangement with a Kodaly process, Orff approach, and movement, game, and a melodic assessment.

Pumpkin Eyes

Take the classic canon, “Ah Poor Bird”, add new lyrics, and you have the perfect Halloween/October song!   

An image of notation and teaching instructions for Pumpkin Eyes (Ah, Poor Bird).

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