Boomwhackers Songs With Storage, Playing, and Buying How-Tos

Let’s talk about storage, playing, creating, songs, and teaching music using these colorful Boomwhackers™ tubes!

Play Alongs

Stranger (Things) Rings-Notes BAGE

Boomwhackers! How many do I need?

How many sets do you need? Amazon is a mess when it comes to looking. West Music and other companies are better, but the actual Boomwhacker site is the BEST!
Whether you are playing mainly diatonic pieces or a mix of diatonic and pentatonic activities, the Classroom Pack (BW54TB) is the best deal. It comes with Chroma-note stick ons and a tote bag. While you can buy the same items individually $14 cheaper (less the tote and stickons) if you are going the diatonic route, it’s substantially cheaper for the ability to play pentatonic melodies too.

Let’s break it down. Four diatonic sets will give you 32 notes for diatonic melodies and 20 notes for pentatonic. (I’m not counting high C) If you do count high C, you could then get away with buying one less pentatonic set and save an additional $20 by not buying the classroom pack.

TPT Resources for Boomwhackers

Bought Me a Cat uses mi, re, do (BAG) patterns
The Mitten uses so, mi, re, do (G EDC)
Cobbler uses a pentatonic activity-do, re, mi, so , la (CDE GA)
Miss White uses la-based so, la, do, re, mi (DE GAB)
Turkey Strut uses a diatonic melody D, E, F, G, A, Bb, and C
Waltz of the Drumsticks uses chord playing to a “cantabile” song.
Over the River uses the diatonic melody in C of this classic song.

Storage Ideas

Storage Buying Options

AROUY Vinyl Storage Organizer – Vinyl Roll Holder Wall Mount/Over The Door, Craft Vinyl Storage Rack, Hanging Organizer Storage with 48 Roll Compartments (48 – Gray) (affiliate link)

The Mitten

Many of us are familiar with the Jan Brett book, but this 
Ukrainian folk tale has a very interesting history! Here are songs, lesson plans, and resources for the beautiful story.
Continue reading “The Mitten”

Waltz of the Drumsticks (The 1-2-3 Turkey)

This 2-chord song for voice, ukulele, and rainbow instruments (Boomwhackers & bells) is sure to be a hit! There’s no warbling going on here, just cantabile singing!

This song features:

  • 2 chords-G7 and C
  • 3/4 meter
  • ABA form
  • some terrific turkey rhyming

Sheet music is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Over The River & Through the Wood With Boomwhackers & Ukuleles

This resource of the Thanksgiving classic, Over the River and Through the Wood, includes parts for Boomwhackers, bells, and ukulele. Each part has audio and video files to support student learning AND in two different tempos-lento and adagio. Students learn about beats per minute (bpm) as they play their parts.

Play and learn in class or use it as a wonderful performance piece for winter concerts!

Music objectives include:

  • 6/8 meter and common rhythms
  • tempo markings
  • treble clef notation for melody
  • ukulele chords C, D7, F, and G7
  • classic American song repertoire
  • ensemble playing

Sound/Video File Example