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Find elementary music curriculum ideas that are related to seasons, celebrations, and holidays as well as basics for any time of the year!

Vivaldi’s Spring for ACTIVE Learning

What I Love Most?

  • Playing this famous theme on barred instruments, not just listening to it
  • The “B section” thunderstorm is SO fun
  • Differentiated with the use of colors, images, and stepwise learning
  • Teacher helpers with
    • higher-order questions
    • “I Can” statements
    • pre-filled checklist that can go into your evaluation folder

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In the News

“In the News” segments are the perfect way to start or end a class with a brief explanation (usually involving music) of a special day and then video examples. They vary in length from 4-7 minutes.

For April:

April 3-National Film Score Day
April 11-National Barbershop Quartet Day
April 22-Earth Day
April 30-International Jazz Day

Music Teacher Merch

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Movement for the Littles

St. Paddy’s Day is over but Irish music is ALWAYS a great idea!

Movement Activity for K-2

National Jazz Month

Moving to Jazz

Take 5 by Dave Brubeck Lesson Plan

Thelonious Monk Lesson Plan

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Spring Music for CONCERTS or the Classroom

I Love the Mountains

Boom-de-a-da fun with this hiking/campfire song!

This low-prep resource on TPT can be used for classroom learning, a spring concert, an Earth Day selection, subject integration (geography, science, language arts), or rewritten BY YOUR STUDENTS for any special event!

Round song with Orff accompaniment in multi lesson for Google slides and PowerPoint

Whether the Weather

A very accessible and FUN instrumental piece using the classic rhyme.

Your kids will want to see who can say this tongue-twister the fastest!

Listen to it on TPT.

Who Has Seen the Wind?

Who Has Seen the Wind, The Remix-Lesson Plans in a Slide Presentation Format

The classic song, “Who Has Seen the Wind?” has been REMIXED with a hip-hop beat and a fun movement activity!

I Hear Spring! Cumulative Song Resource

Use the song lyrics and motions and/or let the littles create their own! A VERY cute concert piece!

Listen to it!

Earth Day

A TPT Resource and YouTube video!


Four pages of songs that kids LOVE! Songs include classic and current popular genres.

The curriculum is sequenced from 1-chord songs and slowly progresses to more and more chords.

All pages are located in the dropdown menu at the top of every page!

Play Alongs

Rhythm stick play along to the music from the video game, Civilization IV!
Cumulative SPRING fun!
A melodic RICK ROLL!
2-Chord MAGIC from Fleetwood Mac!

Awesome Additions for Any Time of the Year

These awesome additions include quality music activities that aren’t seasonal but have a great engagement factor for many kids.

  • Monkeys Spinning Monkeys (TikTok hit)
  • Cephalopod Game (aka Squid Game and a decision each teacher has to decide if choosing this one.)
  • The Odd Song– a GREAT elemental-style xylophone piece where almost everyone can be instantly successful. I’ve used it with 2nd grade-6th grade.

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