What to Teach Right Now

What to teach in music class right now!

✶Earth Day✶ ✶Spring ✶Rhythm & Melody✶Jazz Appreciation Month✶National Poetry Month

I Hear Spring!

TWO resources for this cumulative song about spring! A slideshow activity and an interactive video! Great for spring concerts or in-class learning.

Let’s Talk About ENCANTO

Encanto activities include a new song with Orff arrangement a YouTube movement video to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” AND PARACHUTE video! Plus a link to a great Disney resource! Check it all OUT!

Amanda Gorman’s book, “Change Sings”, inspired this new 3-part round that uses an African proverb to begin the journey of a call to action to be the change in the world. A slide presentation with lesson plans, audio, video, and sheet music resources. See all the resources and listen to the song.

This song for younger singers is a companion to Amanda Gorman’s book, “Change Sings.” With lots of repetition and sequencing, this easy-to-learn song is a perfect concert selection. See all the resources here. The resource includes suggested movements and opportunities to create your own movement.

The One-Beat Diner of Remarkable Rhythms-Writing Rhythm Resource

Who Has Seen the Wind, The Remix-Lesson Plans in a Slide Presentation Format

The classic song, “Who Has Seen the Wind?” has been REMIXED and is ready for winter, spring, summer, and fall windy weather! Perfect for teaching half notes, low la, and minor tonality, the teaching process includes Orff and Kodaly approaches along with recorder and movement sections.

Jazz Musician, Thelonious Monk-Info, videos, and movement activity

  • His biography information
  • A movement activity for his song “Stuffy Turkey”
  • Musical objectives: AABA form, solo/improvisation

Awesome Additions for Anytime of Year

These awesome additions include quality music activities that aren’t seasonal but have a great engagement factor for many kids.

  • Monkeys Spinning Monkeys (TikTok hit)
  • Cephalopod Game (aka Squid Game and a decision each teacher has to decide if choosing this one.)
  • The Odd Song– a GREAT (if I do say so myself) elemental-style xylophone piece where almost everyone can be instantly successful.
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