What to Teach Right Now in Elementary Music

Ideas, lesson plans, and activities for the music classroom!

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone suggest ideas of what to teach right now in your elementary music classroom? And you could choose the ones that fit your program.

This page will help you do just that with a rotating list of ideas that are seasonal. Our current season is BOY!

The Beginning Of the Year in the music classroom is the time for routines, expectations, and making/experiencing music!

If you’re a new teacher, remember it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Learning how to juggle 50 balls takes time!

If you’re an experienced teacher, hopefully, you can find a new idea or two to help you refresh and renew!

Routines & Procedures

Routines can be about curriculum and classroom management.

For curriculum, you might have an opening song, movement activity, or rhythm/pitch practice that you do in some form every class period.

For classroom management, it might be procedures you have in place for how you have students get their ukulele or pass out mallets. It could be your seating arrangement and how you have students make a circle or find a partner.

It’s a BIG deal!

Find more detail in the following links.

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Making & Experiencing Music

Getting the kids to make and experience music the very first day is a great way to engage from day one.

Here are some ideas!

Ukulele Instruction

Four pages of songs that kids LOVE! Songs include classic and current popular genres.

The curriculum is sequenced from 1-chord songs and slowly progresses to more and more chords.

All pages are located in the dropdown menu at the top of every page!

Looking Ahead

If you’re ready to read more, other things to consider next that might involve you shortly would be Grandparent’s Day (Special Person’s Day), Hispanic Heritage Month, a great planner to use as you chart out the rest of the year (month), and concert season.

The INDEX on this page will point you in the right direction and is full of great information!

For getting your curriculum started, here are some beginning and intermediate TPT resources that include Orff arrangements.

Frere Jacques Are You Sleeping resource for the classic round with Orff arrangement and half note learning.
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