Winter Song List

This is an ongoing project so please be patient as new information is added, corrected, and researched! If you’d like to help, leave info in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Finding the Music

Music K8 (MK8) is Plank Road Publishing.  You’ll find the sheet music and accompaniment tracks.

JW Pepper Sheet Music is a huge supplier of choral, band, and orchestra music. They have physical stores, too.

Sheet Music Plus-an online source of music.

musicnotes-another online source of music.

If you are not accompanying your students and want to use an accompaniment track, all the above music suppliers will often have those to purchase.

Other sources of accompaniment tracks are Apple Music, Amazon Music, and similar. Search with the song title and then keywords “accompaniment”, “karaoke”, or “instrumental”. 

Extra information can sometimes be found if you locate a recording of a performance on YouTube.  Video owners sometimes put great information about the song in the notes section.

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