Popular Dance and Movement Resources for the Classroom

Resource collections (especially older ones) need to be screened carefully for songs with a questionable past. Here’s a link to databases containing some of those songs.
Since we often purchase dances/mp3s in collections, this page is set up by the book, not the dance. A few YouTube dance examples for each book will be included.

Down in the Valley by the Amidons


  • I Let Her Go Go
  • Down In the Valley
  • Alabama Mississippi
  • Charlie Over the Ocean

Step Lively by Marian Rose


  • Kinderpolka
  • Sasha
  • Ozark Rag
  • Bingo

I’ll be adding lots of books/dances this summer and if you have one you want me to highlight, let me know in the comments below!

Rise Sally Rise Round De Doo Bop