Stage Decorations for Elementary Concerts from Easy to Elaborate

From backdrops to props, decorating your stage for concerts takes a lot of thought. Everyone’s performance venue is different. Teachers use walls, the front of the stage, items hanging from the ceiling, to nothing at all. Remember, if you use risers, any decorations behind them will be hidden when your students are there.

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How to Make Paper Bag Snowflakes

Easy-to-make paper bag snowflakes. Students can help!

Buying Cross-Seasonal Decorations for Less

Some concerts may have a theme or color scheme that is used at other times of the year. You can often find these items at Dollar Tree and similar stores or more high-priced stores AFTER the holiday and on sale.

Fourth of July Decorations-Use for Veterans Day or general Patriotic Concerts

Summer Beach Theme in May/June-Use for beach/ocean-themed concerts.

Stage Decorations

Paper plate snowmen for easy decorations for concerts, stages, bulletin boards.
Winter scene wall backdrop, easy decorations for concerts, stages, bulletin boards.
Walking in a Winter Wonderland, easy decorations for concerts, stages, bulletin boards.
Easy decorations for concerts, stages, bulletin boards. Home for the Holidays.

Winter & Holidays

Any Time of the Year

Circus Theme

Get information for finger lights, black lights, flashlights, glowsticks, light-up drumsticks, and more!

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