Technology Tips & Tricks for Teachers

A growing group of videos to help you make effective resources for your classroom.

If your principal wants to know how you DIFFERENTIATE for students who need extra help, you can point to many of the tips on this page.

Manipulating text and images through highlighting, enlarging, separating, and many other techniques, help all kids focus on your lesson, especially those with challenges.

On this GROWING page of resources…

Great Websites

Using AI Artificial Intelligence

Eduaide.Ai is worth a look!

4Four (Rhythm Learning)

Wow, what a site! It’s unassuming but offers rhythm practice in many different methodologies. You do not need to log in to use it but here are some terms of use and interesting info you might want to read.

Here’s one game.

Paint With Music

I didn’t think I could love something more than Chrome Music Lab but this Google Arts and Culture feature, Paint With Music, is FANTASTIC. Here’s my tutorial and how you can teach melodic direction, rhythm, tone color, harmony, vocal exploration, texture, and so much more!


Syncing Lyrics With Audio for Beginners


Custom Line Spacing

Change Cursor/Pointer Size & Color

Finding Folders Faster (on a Mac) with Add to Sidebar


Getting Started, Input of Notes, Rhythm, Melody, Key, Meter, Lyrics.

Instrumentation, Formatting & Mixing Panels, pdf/mp3 Downloading, Organization Tips

Chrome Music Lab

Song Maker’s Microphone Function for Vocal Exploration