Ukulele-Getting Started

An easy-to-use sequential ukulele curriculum that uses songs kids love from today’s hits to classics.

How to Play the Ukulele!
Chords on this page: C, C7, Dm, F, Am
  • Single chord play alongs for C7, C, Am, and F—Lime in the Coconut, Ten in a Bed, Just for Me, The Beat Goes On, Make New Friends
  • Two-chord songs: Just for Me (C/Am)— Dream Baby & Deep In the Heart of Texas (F/C7), Iko Iko (F/C)
  • Three-chord songs
    • (C/F/Am)—Best Day of My Life, Thunder, Good to Be alive, Sunflower, Senorita
    • (F/Am/Dm)—Unstoppable

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C7, C, Am, and F SINGLE-chord songs to start!

Play along to the island breeze!

Island Breezes

Backing Track on C chord

Ten in a Bed-C Chord

Chord Order Idea: teach the F chord next (below) so that all students need to do for Am is lift their index finger.

Am Backing Track

Just for Me

Backing Track on F chord

F chord rocks DOWN to C7.

C7 chord rocks UP to F.

Deep In the Heart of Texas (Coming Back Soon)

F and C

Best Day of My Life

3-chord songs

Thunder-C, F, Am

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Good to Be Alive-C, F, Am

Sunflower-C, F, Am

Senorita-C, F, Am

Unstoppable by The Score

There’s a Dm in here but YOU CAN DO IT! Dm is just F with one more finger!!!

Your next ukulele page: Ukulele-G7
You’ll find a G7 how-to and songs with C/G7
  • C/G7 songs: La Cucaracha, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Hush Little Baby, Iko Iko