Ukulele-Getting Started

An easy-to-use sequential ukulele curriculum that uses songs kids love from today’s hits to classics.

Are you looking for a sequential curriculum for the ukulele that starts with easy chords? This is it! There are easy-to-play single-chord play alongs to popular songs, then on to two-chord songs and more.

Chords on this page: C, C7, Dm, F, Am
  • Single chord play-alongs for C7, C, Am, and F—Lime in the Coconut, Ten in a Bed, Just for Me, The Beat Goes On, Make New Friends
  • Two-chord songs: Just for Me (C/Am)— Dream Baby & Deep In the Heart of Texas (F/C7), Iko Iko (F/C), Buckle My Shoe (F, C7)
  • Three-chord songs
    • (C/F/Am)—Best Day of My Life, Thunder, Good to Be alive, Sunflower, Senorita
    • (F/Am/Dm)—Unstoppable

Info on
*my favorite ukulele brand/model and

*ideas for HANGING, CART, and SHELVING on my ukulele storage post. (Includes common hardware and resource needs to get the job done!!)


How I Tuned

I quickly tuned every morning. I’d use a tuner for the first few then do the next few by ear, then grab the tuner to make sure I’m on track, etc. The more you tune the faster and more accurate you get.

Then I’d play GCEA for the kids at the start of every class and if they thought something was off, they’d raise their hands and I’d come to them and either switch out their uke for the one I had with me or tune the one they were playing.

It was fast and simple. The only time I let kids tune was at a school where we had a string program. I let the middle school kids do some tuning.

Ukulele History, Parts, Tuning

C7, C, Am, and F SINGLE-chord songs


Play along to the island breeze!

Island Breezes


Backing Track on C chord

Ten in a Bed-C Chord


Chord Order Idea: teach the F chord next (below) so that all students need to do for Am is lift their index finger.

Am Backing Track

Just for Me

Just had to throw this 2-chord song in the 1-chord section since we know C and Am!!!


Backing Track on F chord

2-Chord Songs

Tutorial-Easy change from F to C7

F chord “rocks” DOWN to C7.

C7 chord “rocks” UP to F.

Buckle My Shoe

Dream Baby

Deep In the Heart of Texas (Coming Back Soon)

Iko Iko with F and C chords

Here’s a 2-chord F and C7 resource presentation unit with Orff arrangement based on One Bottle of Pop round! Fun!

Best Day of My Life

3-Chord Songs

Thunder-C, F, Am

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Good to Be Alive-C, F, Am

Sunflower-C, F, Am

Senorita-C, F, Am

Unstoppable by The Score

There’s a Dm in here but YOU CAN DO IT! Dm is just F with one more finger!!!

Ukulele songs make GREAT concert selections. This Concert How-To Checklist has lots of tips to help.

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You’ll find a G7 how-to and songs with C/G7
  • C/G7 songs: La Cucaracha, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Hush Little Baby, Iko Iko