Ultimate Ukulele Chords That Take You Beyond the Basics


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How to Play G -Video Tutorial

Comparing ukulele chords and learning how to play the G chord.

Low Rider (G)

Dreams (F and G)

Ho Hey (C, F, G, Am)

Long Drives (C, F, G, Am)

One Call Away (C, F, G, Am)

Columbia, Mi Encanto (C, F, G)

Earth Day Is Ev’ry Day (C, F, Am, G)

Walking On Sunshine (C, F, G)

Let It Be (C, F, G, Am)

This is a beautiful video with added melody.

Riff for Bring U Down Playalong (below)

Another Brick In the Wall (C, Dm, F, G)

Bring U Down (G, F, Am, Dm)

Counting Stars (Am, C, G, F, Dm)

If I Didn’t Love You (F, G, Am, C)

Someone You Loved (C, G, Am, F, Dm)

D Chord

You Belong With Me (G, D, Am, C)

Bigger Than the Whole Sky (G, Am, C, D)