Find Kids’ Songs By Subject In The Big Database

Does your concert have a theme? This GROWING database currently has songs categorized by subject and includes animals, food, geography, numbers, positivity, and The 80s. Many more coming soon!

Current Subjects: animals, Black History Month, bugs, colors, food, geography, love/valentines, numbers, places/travel, positivity, The 80s, westerns/cowboy, World Music.

Theme & Title Ideas Below

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Concert Theme Ideas & Titles

  • Use a “National Day of…” as your theme. For example, April is National Kite (kites, flying), Frog (frogs, amphibians), and Literature Month (children’s book or books). Also in April, Bell Bottoms Day (70s & 80s music), National Wildlife Week (animal songs), Pajama Day (wear PJs, songs about dreaming, sleeping), National Dance Week, and LOTS more!
    • Broadway
  • Decades (50s, 70s, etc)
  • Patriotic
  • Candyland (candy and treats)
  • Colors
  • Seasons “One Spring Day”, “Time and Seasons”,
  • Water
  • Worksongs
  • Spirituals & Freedom Songs
  • Jazz “And All That Jazz”,
  • Connections (songs about other school subjects)
  • Emotions “If You’re Happy and You Know It”
  • Ocean “Octopus’ Garden”, “Under the Sea”, “Songs of Land and Sea”
  • Movies “A Night at the Movies”, “Pass the Popcorn”
  • Global “Around the World in Song”, “The Global Beat”,
  • Animals “We’re Going to the Zoo”, “Creatures of the Earth”, “I Went to the Animal Fair”
  • Boy Bands
  • Space “Out of this World”, “Journey to the Moon”, “Big Blue Ball”,
  • Journeys/Road Trip/Geography/Travel “Where’s Waldo?”,
  • Music (songs with music in the title) “
  • Silly Songs (songs with nonsense words)

Author: lbbartolomeo

I'm a mom, wife, teacher, reader, gardener, trekkie, sci-fi fanatic, musician, dog lover, and a Christian. I hope my contributions bring some joy and happiness to your life!

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    1. Jessica, put your cursor in the middle of the database and it will then allow you to scroll up/down and right/left. Once it starts to move, you will see a guide on the right side too which will move up and down too. If your cursor isn’t on the database, it will continue to just scroll the entire page and not the database.

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