Veterans Day

Veterans Day curriculum can be simple in-class lessons to all-school programs with songs, guests, speeches, decorations, and displays of patriotism everywhere in the school! Let’s outline some of those activities.

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  1. CANVA Bi-Fold Editable Program Template
  2. America, The Beautiful
  3. Armed Forces Medley
  4. Program Template
  5. Music Ideas
  6. Poetry & Narration
  7. Posting and Retiring of Colors
  8. Other Considerations
  9. Checklist

CANVA Bi-Fold Editable Program Template

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America, The Beautiful

This iconic song of America teaches students so much about patriotism and love of country. This song is a part of many Veterans Day programs and other national events.

Here is a blog post with many teaching ideas and a free coloring sheet to help teach the song through art and literacy.

Armed Forces Medley

Good arrangements are REALLY hard to find. Here are three that might work for you.

Here are active links to Music K-8 and JW Pepper listed below!

Program Template

Music Ideas

Poetry & Narration

Posting and Retiring of Colors

Other Considerations


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