Give Thanks | Echo Song for Orff, Movement, Ukulele, Scarves

Pull out this versatile echo song for primary students that’s about appreciation, thanksgiving, and thankfulness in November or for other celebrations throughout the year. A simple Orff arrangement, one-chord C ukulele part, scarf activities, and movement will make this a great concert piece or SEL activity in the classroom. Give Thanks is available as a single resource or part of this Thanksgiving Bundle!

Blooket | How to Add a Fun Twist to Music Games

Blooket in the elementary music classroom is a perfect option if you are using devices. Here are the basics of the game, assessment opportunities, safety reminders, SEL considerations, and a list of games I’ve created. Blooket was created to imitate video games that kids love. It is Kahoot with more game options and can be … Continue reading “Blooket | How to Add a Fun Twist to Music Games”

Parachute Songs, Games, and Activities In the Music Classroom

Successful parachute songs, games, and activities teach musical and movement concepts, let students explore through creativity and improvisation, and provide a physical activity for fitness, a brain break, and a social-emotional learning (SEL) outlet. On This Page…

The Best Movement Activities for the Elementary Music Classroom

Finding the best movement activities for grades K-5 can be daunting. Ideas need to be engaging, repeatable, and if they offer a creative component, they get the ALL-STAR status! Here are my best multi-layered lessons for some of my favorite movement activities. The best movement activities are integral to a quality music education experience for … Continue reading “The Best Movement Activities for the Elementary Music Classroom”

Beginning of the Year Music Activities and Name Games

You want your beginning-of-the-year music activities to be that perfect combination of fun and learning. Here you’ll find some name games and activities that will have your students interacting on the very first day in music class. On this page… Name Games Beginning of the year music activities should let the teacher and students hear … Continue reading “Beginning of the Year Music Activities and Name Games”