Popular Dance and Movement Resources for the Classroom

Movement and dance are integral in a great music education experience for children by providing ways to express, explore, and learn. This page contains dances, games, activities, lesson plans, and philosopy.

Table of Contents

  1. Body Shapes
  2. Highway #1 (from The Shenanigans)
  3. Down in the Valley by the Amidons (book)
  4. Step Lively by Marian Rose (book)
  5. Bump Up Tomato
  6. Rise Sally Rise Round De Doo Bop

PLEASE READ: Resource collections (especially older ones) need to be screened carefully for songs with a questionable past. Here’s a link to databases containing some of those songs.

Body Shapes

Body Shapes is all about students taking 3-5 minutes to move their bodies and relax their minds as they experience SEL through global music and movement as a class starter, brain break, or mindful way to transition to the next class or subject.

The resource includes SIX pieces and I’m excited to provide a GROWING list of songs on Spotify to add to that repertoire. Listen on Spotify or purchase the songs and add them directly to your PowerPoint.

Highway #1 (from The Shenanigans)

Students pretend to start their car and then when the singing begins, they step around Australia on Highway #1. They stop at different cities in Australia and have different moves to make. From the collection: Children’s Dances of Terra del Zur, Vol. 1 (paid link)

  • walk walk and run run run
  • heel and toe and stamp
  • side together wiggle
  • jump jump and clap clap clap
  • skip skip and bump
  • gallop gallop jump
  • hop hop hop and stomp

Down in the Valley by the Amidons (book)


  • I Let Her Go Go
  • Down In the Valley
  • Alabama Mississippi
  • Charlie Over the Ocean

Step Lively by Marian Rose (book)


  • Kinderpolka
  • Sasha
  • Ozark Rag
  • Bingo

Bump Up Tomato

I’ll be adding lots of books/dances this summer and if you have one you want me to highlight, let me know in the comments below!

Rise Sally Rise Round De Doo Bop

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